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YEAR ROUND-UP: 5 Fitness Products launched in 2021

The COVID-19 has made everyone health conscious. Therefore, fitness wearables gained prominence in 2021. Here is a list of five that turned heads



Fitness Products launched in 2021
Source: Healthline

Fitness wearables are in trend. More so, due to the present pandemic. Nearly every company rushed to build products with blood oxygen measuring capabilities, a highly sought-after feature during the pandemic. A fitness tracker or smartwatch would be a terrific companion if your New Year resolution is to get in shape in 2022.


It has a working capacity of up to five days with Bluetooth calling and a standby capacity of up to seven days. After being fully charged in one go, the smartwatch can run for up to five days on a single charge. On the back of Ingression Protection (IP) code 67, this smartwatch can endure dust, water, and grime. Users can go for a carefree jog in the rain or utilise it during their gym sessions to fully explore the benefits of this watch.

Multiple sports modes, an around-the-clock heart rate tracker, a fitness trail, sleep monitoring capabilities, a SpO2 supervisor, a specially developed female health tracker, and a vigilant inactivity alert are all included.

Customers can handle calls, messages, and other notifications without continually checking their devices with a smartwatch. Accept or deny calls, check call records or use dial pads, control music, alarms, take remote images, and read messages are all simple tasks for users. In fact, if customers misplace their iPhones, which occurs all very regularly, they may use these smartwatches to track them down.
Price: Rs 4,999

JBL Live 660NC Wireless

They are the best over-ear headphones for jogging. These offer a secure fit and should comfortably stay in place throughout moderate exertion such as a run. With an ambient aware mode, it allows you to hear your environment while listening to audio, which is useful when running outside.

They offer simple physical controls that let you quickly switch between ANC and Ambient Aware mode. It allows you to increase the volume, change the track, and answer calls. Their default sound setting adds an additional punch and boom to keep you psyched up as you work out. Their over 24 hours of continuous battery life means you won’t have to recharge after each run.

Unfortunately, they cling to your head too tightly, especially if you wear them for long durations. Their ANC apparently has trouble blocking out low-frequency noises like rumbling bus. It may not be an issue if you wish to hear your surroundings while running.
Price: Rs 12,999

Fitbit Charge 4

This is a significant improvement over its predecessor. The addition of GPS bridges the gap between fitness bands and full-fledged sports watches. Lack of a colour screen isn’t a big deal. But it does make the various watch faces less appealing. It can be difficult to read due to their many shades of gray. However, the UI is fantastic. It has enough information to be useful without becoming cluttered.

The companion app is also fantastic. But you’ll need to upgrade to Fitbit Premium or get a free trial to get the most out of it. Plans and recommendations that leverage data from the tracker provide a whole new level of functionality. It gently assists you toward healthier daily habits, whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned amateur athlete.
Price: Rs 9,999

PLAYGO N37 headphones

These earphones use unique Enhanced Base Extra Loud (EBEL) drivers and are designed to be worn in the ear. With an integrated rapid charging circuit design and a type C charging connection, the device enables more than 3 hours of play time in just 10 minutes of charging.

In fact, it takes less than 40 minutes to fully charge. With an ultra-flexible silicone neckband, it fits comfortably around the neck. It improves the music listening experience. Users won’t have to worry about the earphones slipping off or getting caught somewhere. This audio wearable is also water and sweat resistant, having an ingress protection rating of X5 (IPX5).

Users can effortlessly utilise these high-quality headphones throughout strenuous gym sessions and collaborate with them to make remaining in shape more enjoyable.

At full charge, it can provide up to 10 hours of playtime. The device, however, can survive for three hours of playtime even with a quick 10-minute charge. The device has a well-placed mic for crystal clear voice communication. It has voice assistant compatibility with Google Siri, and Alexa.

It is available in a variety of colours like black, yellow, teal, and red. It is a well-designed Bluetooth earpiece that will appeal to the needs of millennials and Gen Z. Wearing these earbuds naturally raises the user’s fashion quotient due to the ultra-flexible neckband.
Price: Rs 2,999


With a self-explanatory name, it keeps a great sound. They have the characteristics of a great pair of earphones that will see you through all types of sports. While battery life may be greater, unless you’re an endurance athlete looking for something to keep you going for hours of running or cycling, you’re unlikely to notice unless you’re looking for something to keep you going for hours.

These buds aren’t the cheapest. But are worth every cent if you’re a regular runner or general fitness fanatic searching for truly wireless earbuds that are comfy, fantastic sounding, and long-lasting. They stay in your ears no matter how hot and sweaty you become. Good for Bose enthusiasts.
Price: Rs 17,990

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The ultimate kit for the body

Keeping fit during the present pandemic and increase immunity to fight the looming third wave is the best way to move forward.



two girls doing pussups
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

We all want that perfect body. More so today due to the COVID-19 ad need to build our immunity to prevent getting infected. While there are many things that one can do, we are somewhat restricted since not everything is open – gyms with 50 per cent occupancy and swimming pools not open yet.

But this doesn’t mean that we have to totally give up on the exercise. In fact, this is perhaps the best time to put on your shoes and get that perfectly healthy body that one always wanted. Here is a list of super-easy hacks that can actually help without much hassle.

Lightweight shoes

If one is chasing something then running is a must. More so, if one wants to lose weight or clear the cobwebs — mental and physical problems. Running will help burn those extra calories that one may have put or are eating because one is at home. Early mornings are usually the most soothing time to hit the road. There are fewer people. This means that there is social distancing. A good pair of shoes can achieve mental peace and that body goal.

Hydration factor

Drinking enough water is not many people’s priority despite being aware of its multiple benefits, right from good skin to weight loss it curbs all problems. What can be better than plain water?

Doctors and nutritionists agree that drinking eight to 10 glasses of water has proven to help in weight loss much faster. Many celebs mention detox water in their diet. The digestive system is dependent on your water drinking habits. Promise the body to stay hydrated properly. Take four cups of water, add one sliced cucumber and sliced lemon. Refrigerator before drinking throughout the day.

Fitness tracker

Since the time this gadget has come in, it has changed the lives of many. However, there are people out there who don’t monitor their workouts. It is very important to have a workout journal, it helps you track down physical activity, check body composition, and have a monthly target for effective and faster weight loss.

Since many of us are still working from home, tracking workout patterns can be difficult for many. This is when technological innovations like fitness trackers can be of great help as it helps us to track heart rate 24/7, steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, active minutes, floors climbed.

All the busy people out there trying to strike a balance between work and gym can simply add this to keep a count on their day-to-day physical activity.


Weight always adds extra power to the weight loss journey and that is why people usually tend to join the gym. But with only 50 per cent occupancy allowed, it may not be possible to lift weights every day.

Invest in good dumbbells. They are great when it comes to curbing extra fats from the body. Buying dumbbells prevents one to spend extra on a gym subscription every month. Also, it can be an added benefit as one can do it whenever there is time — early morning or late night.

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What to do when you miss your ex

It is always tough to deal with a situation when you have to get over the ex. Here are 16 ways to move on when you still love your ex.



What to do when you miss your ex

It is always tough to deal with a situation when you have to get over the ex. You miss the closeness you shared and the love you still have for that person unfortunately the other person has moved on and so should you. Here are 16 ways to move on when you still love your ex.

What to do when you miss your ex

1. If you love a person, fight for him/her as hard as you can. No matter how strange or weird it seems, fight for the love of your life. You may not succeed but at least you tried. This will help you avoid regrets in the future that you may have with regard to that relationship.

2. If despite fighting for that relationship, the person leaves, the next step is how to let go. You must accept the reality. You need to tell your brain it is all over.

3. There’s an adage: If you love someone set him/her free, if it’s meant to be, they will come back to you. Leave everything to destiny.

4. Stop thinking about that person all the time or the good times you spent with each other. This will hurt you. Return his/her things.

5. Focus on other important things in life. Focus on your job, family, and friends.

6. Stay away from all social media accounts for some time. You may be tempted to look at what he/she is doing. This is a strict no-no.

7. It is just as important to stay away from common family and friends. Communicating with them will only remind you of him/her. If you don’t do this, it will only make it hard for you to forget him/her.

8. Always have a friend whom you can speak with regarding your ex. You need a person who can listen to you instead of pass judgment on your relationship. Look for a person whom you trust and who understands what you are going through.

9. It is important to give yourself time to get over the ex. Be patient. Don’t force yourself to heal fast. Some people take more time to get over it than others.

10. Depression is a common symptom when the ex walks out. Don’t brood. Surround yourself with people who care about you. Ask a friend to give you company. Or go stay with a friend. Take yourself out of the situation that was familiar.

11. If you don’t a family member close by, take up a hobby or an activity that will keep your mind from thinking about the ex. Take up painting or learn a new skill. A new skill can help you further your career and advance professionally. It will give you a sense of achievement.

12. Your ex is not the only person you love. There are many others who can appreciate the love you shower on them.

13. Learn to love yourself. Tell yourself that you can love yourself. You can be your best friend. Sleep properly, treat yourself well, avoid stress and eat well.

14. Don’t dwell on the pain. It will make you eat junk food and engage in unhealthy activities. Instead of developing destructive habits and up in a worse situation look for constructive things to do.

15. Find romance elsewhere. You may think that your ex was the love of your life and you won’t find anyone else. This is not true. You gave to move ahead — despite the temporary heartbreak. Love should not be restricted to any person. You can keep a pet and show it, love.

15. It is not very easy to be happy for your ex since you are miserable but it’s a sign of maturity. Love should not be selfish. It should be about being happy for others even if it is your ex. Like you celebrate your friend’s success, do the same with your ex.

16. Be happy in all situations. Life is about ups and downs. It is not all roses. It is important to be happy. It may not be possible for you to imagine that it is possible to be happy without the love of your life but this is very much doable. Remember, after a dark night, there’s bright sunshine the next day.

Disclaimer: The above list is not exhaustive. The idea of this article is to let people know that it is possible to move ahead in life. Always take professional help as and when the need arises.

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Best five ways you can charge your electric vehicle

Since the time electric vehicles have come into India, the question is how to easily charge them. Here are a few tips. Read on…



can you charge two electric cars at home
Source: @Inventya Ltd.

Electric vehicles are slowly but surely taking over the automotive market. With electric scooters joining the four-wheelers, the question is how to charge them efficiently. With their many benefits, ranging from reduced emissions to low running costs, it’s easy to see why they are becoming increasingly popular.

And while this uptick in demand is great news for the environment and our wallets, it does present one small challenge – how do we keep all those electric cars juiced up? Here are five easy ways suggested to charge your electric vehicles.

Plug into a standard household outlet

Most electric vehicles come up with a charging cord that plugs into a standard household outlet. This is the slowest way to charge your vehicle, but it’s also the most convenient one of all other options that already exist in the market because you can use normal outlets in your house. This is also known as ‘Trickle charging’.

Level 2 chargers can be used for both home and commercial charging stations

They use a 240 V (residential) or 208 V (commercial) plug and must be installed by a professional electrician. They can also be installed as part of a solar panel system. Level 2 chargers deliver 10 to 60 miles of range per hour of charging, which means they can fully charge an electric car battery in as little as two hours. They are an ideal option for both homeowners and business owners.

Charge your electric vehicle using public charging spots

This is the fastest way to charge up your EV vehicles. Several ultra-fast charging stations can provide more than 150kw of power. DC charging is 10X faster than trickle charge and can boost up your charging from 20%-80% within 40 minutes. The power does not flow continuously in this, as of the charging power gradually decreases as the battery percentage increases.

Battery swapping is an alternative

This is a good way to charge electric vehicles, which involves exchanging discharged batteries for charged ones. This de-links charging and battery usage, so the vehicle can stay in the operational mode with minimal downtime.

Induction pads

These are the breakthrough technology that will eliminate the need for charging cables but still let you charge up your car on the street outside your home? So-called induction charging pads work like the wifi charging pads for smartphones – magically charging up the unit without plugging it in.

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